Letter - A bigger predator

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DRUG dealers and criminals are usually blamed for destroying communities, but what about the bigger, darker predator?

Tesco has purchased a former pub to demolish and convert into another mini-supermarket. I’m not primarily having a go at Tesco here, Sainsbury’s, the Co-op and others are just as guilty, but Tesco’s new store on Barnsley Road is an ideal subject case to forward my point.

Not only has it removed a social hub for the community, but it is oblivious, blinded by the lure of profit, to the businesses it will have adverse effects on. Busy Corner is one of the last business gatherings of its type in Wakefield which I had hoped would return to other areas sometime in the future.

There you can purchase fresh meat, veg, sandwiches and bread. There is a chemist, a newsagents, bookies, beauty salons, carpet shop, off-licence and other businesses. If Tesco goes ahead and parks one of its stores on the old Forester’s Arms site, all the other businesses are going to suffer. I hate Tesco and will boycott its stores because of this atrocity. Has it not got enough stores already? Will it not stop until it has destroyed every small local business?

The council should hold its head in shame too for allowing the slow murder of Busy Corner and its businesses. Tesco is already intending to build a store around the Ings Road area, not too far from Barnsley Road, so why does it need another store at Busy Corner? I put it down to one word, “greed”. If I had known about this sooner, I would have planted a tree in the Forester’s Arms car park and climbed up it in protest!

Come on Wakefield Council, start standing up for the residents of Wakefield! Start standing up for the communities that elect you! Let’s stop greedy firms destroying local communities.

Darren Trei