Letter - A missed opportunity?

SO 40 councillors voted to keep their snouts firmly in the trough.

Perhaps we could have the names of the councillors who chose not to take a voluntary cut of five per cent called for by Coun Crowther so that we can vote accordingly when the time comes.

These people obviously are not as they say “in it together,” these people are happy to impose cuts on to others but oh no, leave us alone.

I think Coun Mark Crowther was in some small way trying to show some form of solidarity with normal people and, I’m sorry Coun Box, in my opinion not trying to point score politically.

I think Coun Box and the other 39 missed an opportunity. Perhaps Coun Crowther has actually listened to the electors and felt the anger and frustration of the voters of seeing money and services syphoned into Wakefield at the expense of the Five Towns.

I would ask readers to look at the councillors’ expenses and judge for themselves. So Coun Box, if you all pulled together instead of following party doctrine we may actually get somewhere.


Manor Close