Letter - A plea to legion

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DURING the last few years I’ve been wanting to raise a question about the role of the British Legion.

My father did his bit in WWII and two of my uncles were POWs. I, as a cadet, carried the flag on Remembrance Sunday on a few occasions and am very proud of those brave souls, and everyone else who suffered hardship and did without for our freedom.

But here’s the paradox, every year I watch these old men and women respectfully standing in silence wearing the poppies and medals, on the 11th hour 11th day on the 11th month, remembering their comradeship, or loss of family and friends and by the grimaced looks of some, must be bitter memories.

I’ve had it drilled into me from a young age by my parents, what these people fought for was our freedom, so why is it the Legion and its members aren’t saying anything about our government giving our sovereignty away to Brussels, to unelected people that no-one has ever heard of before, who by their rules can’t be un-elected, and why are we been forced to accept Napoleonic law and give up common law which our forefathers fought and died for?

Under their law everything is prohibited unless there’s a law to permit it. Wellington beat Napoleon to stop this madness didn’t he?

So why aren’t the Legion standing up for our right for democracy and liberty – everything that our parents fought for is being given up.

Now isn’t the time to stay silent!

Pete McGowan

Windross Close