Letter - A ruthless instruction

WHILE it is reassuring to see that the Wakefield Express allows its columns to be used by writers who take up their pens like cudgels to defend and attack, it is also interesting to see what they omit in order to suit their cause.

Take the curious case of writer, Joseph N Hazell, aka Norman, who in last week’s edition wrote glowingly in defence of Catholic education.

While he cites his lovely wife’s and sister-in-law’s arduous and daily trek to Nôtre Dame High School in Leeds to gain what he calls an excellent Christian education, he conveniently forgets the fact that he and his brothers failed to take an equally arduous trek to Leeds to the bastion of Catholic education, St Michael’s College.

Here many students from Wakefield, including myself, were ruthlessly instructed in the faith and brutally punished for the slightest misdemeanour.

So well were we “taught” by the Jesuit priests there that scores of us gave up any belief in Catholicism and indeed any religion.

So, regarding Norman’s belief that he feels “it is important that Catholic children benefit from attending a faith school,” why then did he choose to attend a non-Catholic grammar school?

Peter Kelly

Former student, resident and taxpayer of Wakefield and alumnus of St Michael’s Jesuit College, Leeds,

now living in Toronto, Canada