Letter - A sad waste of a life

Charles Bronson is a powerful, violent, volatile and unpredictable person. His time spent in prison has neither re-educated nor rehabilitated him. In fact he is worse now than when first incarcerated and has taken every opportunity presented to him to protest violently against the prison system and authority as well as other prisoners.

He is no doubt feared and respected, although obviously for completely different and dialectically opposed reasons, by both sides of the prison community. In his own skewed thinking and that of his fellow inmates he is a winner. The system has not beaten him and his price for this victory? A cumulative jail sentence that far out-strips many of the so called ‘life sentences’ handed down by our far from perfect judicial system. However you view the treatment of Charles Bronson you must agree that such long prison sentences are usually only metred out to criminals who have stolen large sums of money.

After a lifetime in jail the final punishment for Mr Bronson would be to release him as an old man into the community because, as with us all, time will diminish Charles Bronson. It would also put a bit of a damper on the commercial prospects of Dawn Kelly’s ‘Free Charles Bronson Bar’. It is one thing trading on the reputation and notoriety of Charles Bronson whilst he is locked up, quite another when he is sitting in the corner of your bar. He would be a magnet for every wannabee hard man in the country all wanting to say they beat the legendary Charles Bronson (possibly a little earner in T-shirts Dawn)

Charles Bronson will probably die a sad lonely man, feared and shunned by most, pitied by some exploited by others. Whatever your view a sad waste of a human life.

Finally just a comment on the rather cavalier attitude of ‘Optimus Prime’ (Express 18/11/11) to the treatment of the prison teacher taken hostage by Charles Bronson. If you think that being terrified and humiliated by a violent and potentially unstable thug while being paraded like a dog on a leash in front of a jail full of rioting prisoners is OK because he got paid compensation, then your moral compass is out of alignment! Plus there is something less than satisfying in criticizing the opinion of someone who hides behind a silly toys name.

Richard Saberton,

King Street,

Horbury Bridge