Letter - Alarmed at closure

I WAS very alarmed to hear that Lightwaves is closing. As a former youth worker in Wakefield, I know the good work that Next Generation has done over the years.

I would have thought that now more than ever young people need the support of experienced and dedicated staff. This would be an ideal opportunity for an exclusive centre for young people where they can go and keep healthy and active in a safe environment, where they can go for help and advice under one roof and where they can go and relax in an alcohol free environment.

Come on Wakefield Council and local businesses – get your heads together for the future of young people in the Wakefield area. There are wonderful facilities here and it should not be closed – what else is there in Wakefield for young people, in such a great location near the bus station?

Sue Soare

Llangwnadl, Gwynedd

North Wales