Letter - Amazed by the RL fans

ONE of my best friends is a Glasgow Celtic season ticket holder and this year I convinced her to buy a Wakefield Wildcats season ticket.

She has attended a few games with me prior to this season including one at Headingley. She was amazed that fans of both teams were allowed to wander in together, buy refreshments together and stand side by side for the duration of the game. Far removed from what she experiences north of the border.

Indeed, rugby league prides itself on its family friendly image, its camaraderie between opposing fans and the general absence of trouble on the terraces. We are, on the whole, decent law-abiding citizens who care about our fellow human beings. We usually police our own. I know I sometimes have words with folk near me who are falling out or using bad language and a quiet word usually does the trick.

I think we are all collectively responsible for ensuring we maintain the good name of Wakefield Trinity Wildcats fans by having a quiet word, where that fails or where fans feel intimidated by doing so or the situation has gone beyond that, the club have the Tackle It number 07747 554470.

Sue Parker

Pinders Grove