Letter - An absolute disgrace

ON the evening of Friday, January 27 my wife and daughter attended a pantomime at Ossett Town Hall.

She parked her car in the Co-op car park as did several other local residents and visitors. I assume like her, a number of those received a parking fine (issued by a private parking company).

Although the Co-op will undoubtedly argue that the signs clearly state the terms of parking, it has a large car park and space is always freely available at that time of evening.

Given that the pantomime offered a chance for the community to come together in support of a local event, I believe the issuing of parking fines is an absolute disgrace.

It was an opportunity to showcase the town, but undoubtedly many visitors will now boycott Ossett.

As a local resident, I hope others follow our stance and no longer patronise the Co-op.

Jonathan White

Southdale Road, Ossett