Letter - An unholy political alliance

THE Labour Party now whole heartedly support the coalition - having joined with the extreme right wing Tories over the EU budget what value is their rhetoric?

Their coalition partners in this affair want an early exit. Labour Party rhetoric chooses not to separate Lib Dem / Tory in government policies therefore why should others separate the views of this new unholy alliance?

Are the Labour now in favour of the mass unemployment that exit would cause? Whose job in Britain does not involve trade with Europe? Vote Labour and vote for unemployment.

I understand that unless all countries in the EU now agree to a cut and there is deadlock - the fall back position, agreed by the last Labour Government, is that the EU Budget will be set at current EU Budget plus the inflation rate for the next 12 months. Deadlock is very likely, so Labour MPs’ vote to cut imposes an increase. Who will the Labour party invoice for the expense of their voting pleasure – hard-working taxpayers!

Could now be good time for Ed to say sorry and really, really mean it?

Tony Sargeant

Sowood Court