Letter - Anti-litter initiative

I WOULD like to thank Wakefield College for its ‘Students Against Litter’ poster campaign.

This shows real initiative and a number of people have commented on the marked reduction in the amount of litter around local streets and paths.

Litter is an epidemic, a national disgrace. There is 600 times more of it on the ground than back in the 1960s. I don’t see why councils should have to spend so much money clearing it up – it shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Litter thrown from vehicles, thrown over walls (take a look over the wall in Balne Lane for example, disgusting is the only word), litter thrown on waysides and streets.

Sometimes a simple method is the most effective – making it clear using a bit of humour that there is a zero tolerance attitude to litter.

Harrogate Council has some very effective posters on bins; they show a young woman throwing a plastic bottle on the ground with the words: “this is what littering looks like.” ie not attractive, a dirty habit which reflects badly on the individual.

Well done Wakefield College. If a relatively small college can do this, how about the larger campuses at Leeds trying it out? Education is about basic manners and etiquette too.

John Roberts

St John’s