Letter - Appalled and in tears

I FELT compelled to write in response to last week’s article in which a couple walked free from court after stabbing their pet dog to death.

The judiciary should be ashamed of themselves for not setting a precedent to this blatant cruelty and not giving them time to serve in prison.

What’s happened to the issue of the dog’s pain and suffering to the extent that it lost its life prematurely because of their actions, isn’t it giving publicity to any other sick members of our society that want to do away with their now inconvenient pet to just do the same?

Where is the RSPCA in all this, aren’t they having any backbone to speak up about this blatant animal cruelty?

No doubt the poor dog loved its owners unconditionally as all dogs do.

And why? Was it because times are hard for us all but they felt that they could no longer afford their pet dog, that because it was losing weight and not himself that they didn’t have the balls to take it to the vet and pay for the treatment needed, or because it no longer fitted into their lives or didn’t match the colour of their settee?

I for one am appalled!

Sara Tonkins

Balne Lane


After reading the headlines in this week’s Wakefield Express I would like to say how upset I am after what they did to Scooby the Staffordshire bull terrier.

How cruel they are, it made me cry.

If they hadn’t starved him, he wouldn’t have been miserable.

They are lovely dogs in the right hands.

But I take comfort knowing the police took him to the vets, they did try to help him in his last moments.

Thank you I say to them.

Don’t forget good does not pay you back in money.

Mrs M Hartley