Letter - Appalled at decision over 200 new homes

AS a resident of Crofton, I was appalled at the council’s decision to approve the building of 200 new homes at Bedford Court Farm.

Despite massive local objection from residents, including both written objections and a petition, objections from both local councillors and the parish council, the council planning services have given the go-ahead.

Ian Thomson was quoted in last week’s Express as saying that the LDF (local development framework) had gone through extensive public consultation - this is indeed true, and as far as I am aware the vast majority of opinions expressed by residents was against the development.

How can the council then go ahead and ignore this weight of public opinion? To hear that they are considering further development at Priory Ridge is another blow to the village. I have no doubt that a consultation process will take place that the council planning services will simply ignore again.

Even though planning restrictions have been relaxed by the government, councils cannot simply ignore public opinion. There are no plans to develop the infrastructure in Crofton to cope with the extra residents. The village already struggles to cope with the limited facilities that we have.

In a democratic society we would expect that a balanced opinion could be made by those people employed to make such decisions. I think the decisions made by the plannng services have been naive, and downright disrespectful to the people whose opinions have been sought.

I question the ability of this service to actually serve the people of Wakefield in a way which is fit for purpose.

Ian Herring

Oak Street