Letter - Appreciate our schools

I TOTALLY disagree with James Anthony Bulmer’s letter “Stan Laurel to Blame” published in last week’s Wakefield Express. I also feel that his misguided memories evoked by episodes of schools on the verge of collapse recently shown on TV, being somehow the fault of Tony Blair who believed in Education, Education, Education, he kept his promise.

Just let me refresh your memory Mr Bulmer. During the 18 years of the Thatcher government there was hardly a school in the country that didn’t have a leaking roof, buckets strategically placed to catch the water, windows boarded up and mobile classrooms in the playground.

Many schools were totally inadequate for the 21st century. When Tony Blair’s government came to power, it brought in the “Building Schools for the Future” programme, and within months the building began.

Mr Bulmer must have observed the building of Horbury School, a short distance from where he lives. Horbury Bridge J&I was totally refurbished and extended, using the same stone used when the school was built around 1890s, again a short walk from where he lives. Horbury Primary School was also totally refurbished and a wonderful school it is.

I was a governor at two of the schools and lobbied our MPs in an effort to provide the children of Horbury and the surrounding area a decent school and an environment that encouraged children to learn. Many other schools were built right across the country and the programme included other schools within the Wakefield district.

We had a change of government and one of the first things David Cameron did was scrap the “Building Schools for the Future” programme – they do not think schools for the masses are important because all his cabinet went to posh private schools where money was no object and all educational needs were fully met.

I feel sorry for the schools that planned their new school to be now told it is not going to happen.

How much longer are people going to keep saying the Blair/Brown government overspent when it was the greedy bankers who caused the European crisis, leaving Gordon Brown to bail out the banks.

I am proud of our schools but I can not understand people who can not appreciate how lucky we are in Horbury to have good quality school, and put the blame where it belongs and that is not in fantasy land.

Janet Holmes

Tynedale Avenue