Letter - At the age of 77, my vote’s changed

Why when the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) deal was signed in 2007 was a £35 million a year rental kept secret?

Did this payment start in 2007?

Because if the lifetime of the project ends in 2042 and the deal is for 35 years, this seems to be the case.

I just can’t believe that the £35 million will rise to £60 million after 2036, an increase of 58 per cent, and Mary Creagh makes a statement that “it was the right way to fund the scheme”.

Also stipulations in the deal state we must use their named tradespeople for repairs or maintenance.

Again we are being duped right, left and centre.

Check can be made on the internet - 1) MOD - £22 charged for a 65p light bulb changing; 2). Had to wait three weeks for processing of admin work to do job; 3). One charge of an unbelievable £1,500 to change a light bulb on a lamp.

Surely Labour could have found a cheaper way to raise the money.

They even gave the trust £77 million in 2008, so why has the trust now got a debt of £20 million?

I can’t believe I have voted Labour all my life and we are all suffering because they’ve got us into another catastrophe.

All Labour can do is blame the Conservatives for the measures they are having to take to get this country out of a situation they have got us into, and don’t even have the decency to apologise.

If Labour get back in, we will be back to square one.

I don’t want my grandchildren to be left with this legacy, so at 77 I have changed my vote.

Barbara Firth

Rufford Street