Letter - Bar is a no-brainer

After reading in the Express about the Bar 42 being put on hold in Ossett I felt I needed to put pen to paper, although I barely know where to start.

The 42 in Horbury must be one of the most successful businesses here, it caters for all age groups, is well-run with friendly staff, and is an asset to our busy little shopping centre,

Yes people do eat, drink and smoke outside, which I believe adds to the cosmopolitan feel and alfresco atmosphere that people require on long hot summer evenings.

They also chat, have a laugh and meet friends.

As for Ossett town centre being a conservation area, have these councillors looked around and seen the peeling paint and empty shop units?

As well as the 20 new jobs this would create (maybe open to some redundant local authority workers) there is the ripple effect of car parking revenue, business for local taxi firms, money into the local economy, local tradesmen, local suppliers, of which there is a number, revenue for the LA in business rates, waste collection etc.

We are quite happy in Horbury to keep welcoming people from Ossett to use the 42 in Horbury and wander around our shops and spend money here, but surely if it’s good enough for Horbury it’s good enough for Ossett.

It seems a no-brainer to me, but maybe that says it all!

Christine Freeman

High Street