LETTER - Bikes are not so green

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I WAS shocked when I worked out, from the figures in your recent test of the Honda CBR600, that it only does around 32mpg and needs to be refuelled approximately every two hours on long journeys.

Considering today’s fuel costs this isn’t a cheap option any more. And considering that when a modern 1.2 litre car that has free vehicle excise duty is compared; most such cars can go twice the distance per gallon.

Even the, somewhat dated, (it’s reputedly a copy of Hitler’s Wermacht BMW) Ural Wolf 750cc bike is claimed to better 40mpg. Plus longer range between fill-ups and therefore less pounds per journey. So what is the point? At these fuel costs motorcycling is no longer a more economical and ‘greener’ travel option.

Bill Houlder

Queen’s Avenue