Letter - Bus driver so helpful

I FEEL I must drop a line, and for a change have something positive to say about the Arriva buses or, at least a member of their staff.

On October 5 I got on the Wakefield to Leeds 110 and what a helpful person the driver was. Several ladies got on with babies and buggies and the driver got out off their cab to help the ladies on and to hold their child for them, or even took their child and asked other people to hold the baby while the driver helped with the pushchair.

This continued all the way to Leeds where the driver got out and before passengers could alight took off the buggies for all the women and then helped with their children.

As I got off I commented the driver should get recognition, and she said it’s only my job, but I thought how many people bother to do this these days?

Julie Daugherty

Lawns Lane

Carr Gate