Letter - Bus fares are justified

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I WRITE in regard to a recent article concerning the proposal to remove transport subsidies for children attending Catholic schools.

There are only two Catholic High Schools serving the whole metropolitan district, which inevitably involves some children travelling long distances to reach, schools which families have always had to contribute part of the cost of building them.

Of course arguments will be put forward pointing out that these schools allow spare places to be taken by non-Catholic children whose parents recognise the standards set in our schools. These children of course do not qualify for help with bus fares.

Another argument questions how many Catholic children attend Mass every Sunday and while acknowledging the undoubted truth of this assertion, I feel it important that Catholic children benefit from attending a Faith School.

When Kathleen, my wife and her sister Patricia left English Martyrs they would catch a bus into Wakefield, train to Leeds and a tram up to Notre Dame, a long day, but their parents felt it justified for the excellent Christian education they received.

Joseph N Hazell MBE

Woolgreaves Drive