Letter - But who’d take it on?

YOUR recent item (Tesco to Destroy Horbury?) suggesting that the Horbury community centre would become a Tesco Express and destroy the business life of the town is rather alarmist and based on a possibility rather than a fact.

The fact is that at the January meeting of Horbury Community Council the possible transfer of the current licensing offices from the community centre to the new WMDC “one-stop” facility in the city was discussed. Coun Jesty had first touched on this subject last year.

Questions that needed answering were “Who uses the community centre?” and “Would there be support for efforts to keep it open?”

During the discussion the possibility of a Tesco Express was raised but this was purely hypothetical.

The real issue is who in Horbury would take on the campaign? Would it be the Historic Trust given their current operation of the Primrose Hall and previous interest in the Carr Lodge mansion or possibly the Civic Society would see it as part of their remit?

Obviously “Standing Up for Horbury” would get involved or should we have a “Friends of the Community Centre”, what about a petition?

The Community Council, through the regular support of Coun Jesty, the dwindling band of council members and the Express reporters, deal with many local issues with variable success.

The community at large however only react to situations when it affects them directly.

Redefining the electoral boundaries saw no obvious reaction from the community, will the probable loss of the community centre see any comments?

If you have a view and want it heard by a councillor and the local press why not attend the next meeting of the community council in the Old Town Hall at 7.30pm on February 20?

Doug Bradshaw

School Yard