Letter - Check effect of HS2 on your homes

Beware Governments bearing gifts...

The proposed HS2 railway line, when it eventually gets here, will by-pass Wakefield.

Presumably we who are here will have to travel to Leeds for a superfast London train and incoming business will by-pass us too.

In passing round Wakefield the line will plough through the countryside very close to Wintersett and other country parks, crossing historic Walton Park, the world’s first nature reserve on an embankment, only yards from Charles Waterton’s grave.

If you live east of Wakefield - Cold Hiendley, Wintersett, Ryhill, Walton, Crofton, Altofts, Woodlesford or use these localities for recreation, you would be wise to check the maps (Google hs2) and see how hs2 affects your home and the peace, scenery and wildlife around east Wakefield.

Nick Shields

Blenheim Road