Letter - ‘Chinless wonders’ should build on land we have

JUST to set the record straight, I am not a Nimby. I live in a rural village but have also lived in Milton Keynes and at 66 spent the first 36 years where I was born, in London.

I have, up to privatisation, voted Conservative. I then stopped voting until the last election when we had to get Labour out.

I am fed up listening to the Con Dims and their kickstart the economy by releasing green land for development.

The fact is there is land already bought for development, half built houses and estates and land already for sale with planning permission.

Speculators are waiting for prices to go up. Builders are waiting for their estate values to go up and banks are not lending to small builders so they can start as well.

And buyers cannot afford what is being built

Where I live the nearest towns are all about six miles away. There is no work. The only people getting work will be from many miles away who will come and build on Green sites but for who?

Maybe some of them will come and live in the houses they build and Tesco will open a huge supermarket that no one will get to without a car because there is only one bus service, and every hour.

The chinless wonders I helped to vote in will be out at the next election but the Lord help us if Labour get back.

Martin Fletcher

Savile Close, Emley