Letter - Churches which are modernising

I WAS rather interested in Dean Freeman’s article about Mr Liversidge’s support of the demolition of Stanley St Peter’s Church but was rather taken aback when he brought in a statement about the churches “fading and withering over time. Its attempts to modernise have left it looking indecisive out of touch and a little foolish.”

There are so many ways and examples locally and nationally where the churches have and are modernising and are certainly not looking foolish. He has not obviously had the interest to look at what is happening out there but should, I believe before making that blanket statement.

There’s hardly a town in the country where there is not new growth. Just use the computer and see what’s happening in Wakefield and nearby.

Here are a few examples to look up: Destiny Church, Tuke Grove, next to Pinderfields Hospital, a vibrant growing fellowship. If you enjoy music and singing visit them!

New Life Church, G­­eorge St, Wakefield, where there are over 24 different activities or outreach in the community each week.

St Helen’s Sandal with its amazing cafe and shop for the community and the outreach on a local estate.

The Horbury Churches Together have for the last nine years been sponsoring youth workers in the senior school and now employ three full time workers.

Christ Church, South Ossett, with so many young families and teenagers that they vie with each other to lead the worship.

Huddersfield Christian Church, an amazing new building and such a lively fellowship. Don’t miss their website.

I could go on and on. I trust that the above examples prove my point.

Tony Clayton

Addingford Drive