LETTER: City has one of the hardest working MPs

Wakefield MP Mary Creagh.
Wakefield MP Mary Creagh.

Over the past few weeks there has been quite a number of letters in the Express with opinions about our local MP saying that she should resign because of the way that she voted in the Brexit debate.

Firstly, may I clarify my position? I am not a Labour Party member, nor am I a member of any other political party.

I am just an ordinary, retired, disabled pensioner, with no axe to grind in any direction.

However, I wouldn’t mind betting that nearly all those people who are baying for her blood have never had any dealings, nor requirements of the services of Mary Creagh, our local MP.

Our last MP, David Hinchliffe, was a damn good, hard working man who I had dealings with several times while he was in office. When he retired I was a bit apprehensive as to what sort of replacement we would get. Personally, I don’t think we could have got a better one than Mary Creagh.

If you have a problem about anything that you are unable to sort out yourself, then drop her a line.

Either to her local office or her parliamentary address, and if it is something that she is able to help with, she will contact you and do her best to sort it out for you.

If the problem is beyond her remit, and lies with any special government department, then she will contact them, on your behalf, and put your case to them.

When she gets a reply from them, she will not only reply to you herself, she will include copies of any letters that she has received from any other government department about your case, just to make sure that there can be no misunderstandings.

I must admit though, I was very surprised by the way that she voted.

However, since reading her article in the Express about why she voted that way, I can sort of understand why she did it. Let’s face it, it didn’t matter anyway, it didn’t change anything, the result was a forgone conclusion.

No doubt if the vote was to be rerun she might think a little bit harder as to where she puts her cross and the inevitable backlash that has resulted from this.

At least it showed that our MP has a mind of her own, and in this case she didn’t agree with the majority of her constituents, so she voted as to what she thought was the best thing for us.

If you are one of the people who think that she should resign, please think again. We have got one of the hardest working MPs in Westminster.

Irrespective of how she voted, I don’t doubt for one minute that if you have a problem, she will try her best to sort it out for you, no matter what colour your politics are.

Ian Anderson, Wakefield