Letter - Clarkson is such a clown

WHY was there such a big hoo-ha about Jeremy Clarkson’s comments regarding the public sector strikers?

The man is a clown, he has never progressed beyond the five-year-old dropping his trousers making rude noises and jumping up and down shouting ‘Look at me! Look at me! Please look at me!’ Anybody who takes what he says seriously needs to grow up. Laugh, jeer, ridicule, do anything you like but don’t take him seriously!

Clarkson is a motoring correspondent! ‘This car has an engine, a wheel at each corner, something to steer it with and goes fast!’ hardly Pulitzer Prize-winning material.

He is a member of the ‘Worship me I’m a celebrity cult’; the less than talented group who make a lot of money on the back of having no discernible talent or redeeming quality other than making money from a gullible public. Jordan shows her knickers, Clarkson shows his puerile sense of humour.

While you may not agree with what Clarkson says it would be wrong to gag him. He may be offensive but he is so outrageous and laughable in most of his rants that to do anything more than ignore him gives him far more credibility than he warrants. Remember his opinions only count or have relevance if you give him recognition.

Richard Saberton

King Street

Horbury Bridge