LETTER - Clerics in plain clothes

LOOKING at the crowds in the Ridings and Trinity Walk on a Sunday morning makes one wonder if there are many in church that time.

Mind you when a person goes into church one is struck by the amount of expensive robes the clerics wear and they are always pleading poverty. Why not pawn or sell all this unnecessary bling and face the congregation in plain clothes just like the good Lord did?

He was attired in everyday wear as were his subjects, just like the Mormons or the Methodists or the Baptists. They don’t need all that fancy dress as their sermons and teachings are just as sincere and genuine.

People want to be friends with the clerics and treat them as equals not as them and us. Clerics come out of your ivory towers and join the everyday people, not just the ones who rattle your collection plates in church.

Matthew Hannah

Tudor House