Letter - Come and see bin collections for yourself

I cannot believe what I read last week. Coun Cummings says “Our refuse collectors are asked to make sure that empty bins do not obstruct pavements.”

Near the centre of Wrenthorpe village, just above the New Wheel pub, there is a blind bend on Wrenthorpe Road, with a narrow pavement, just wide enough for a mother to wheel a pushchair. Many mothers with young children use this stretch of pavement.

On collection days, all the neighbouring residents put the bins carefully inside the bottom of their drives. After collection the bins are always left in the middle of the pavement, completely blocking the way for pushchairs.

This is a road safety hazard, and an accident waiting to happen. And all for the sake of pushing the bin back one metre into the driveway!

Coun Cummings needs to get her road safety colleagues to come and inspect the obstacle course left by her collectors on a Thursday, and get proper training for her collectors, not just ask them!

Jon Rigby


Wrenthorpe Community Association Ltd