Letter - Comments on gateway

RE the North Wakefield Gateway one-way system I have the following observations:

The removal of right turn and traffic lights from Leeds Road into Westfield Road has unnecessarily lengthened and complicated journeys of local residents and will cause even greater congestion on an already busy Savile Street.

Traffic can now turn left from Westfield Road at a give way sign. However there is a blind spot here where Leeds Road to the right dips downhill slightly and at a certain point traffic cannot be seen from Westfield Road. Has this been taken into consideration?

Why has a right turn from Marsh Way been introduced into Savile Street? Surely this will cause more, not less, congestion from a busy dual carriageway and possible accidents. It seems to lack any kind of common sense.

North Avenue, which appears not to be part of any plan, still has HGVs despite an unsuitable HGV sign on Eastmoor Road. However, there is still no unsuitable HGV sign on Bar Lane for traffic turning into North Avenue. This is despite local residents contacting WMDC. For some time now we have also requested that WMDC take measures to reduce traffic on North Avenue and made a number of sensible suggestions. However to no avail.

Where is the money coming from to make all these changes?

Margaret Cawsey

Westfield Grove