LETTER - Comments were naive

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I FIND the comments by Mr Butterworth regarding the West Yorkshire Police scandal (Express 29/7/2011) very naive.

I can understand the point he makes regarding intelligence gathering from “supergrasses”, but his appeal that this scandal should not be connected to the present corruption and nepotism of law enforcement, the press and even our government, rather strange.

As to his comments regarding that the paper should be seeking out more “reader friendly” columns, this grave miscarriage of justice involving police corruption and the blatant waste of the taxpayers’ money would probably have failed to be brought to our attention.

There is a vast difference between obtaining “sleaze” and private information in order to boost sales compared to hard news reporting for the public good. In both cases, corruption and nepotism within our top echelons is exposed to the benefit of the readers.

Bob Crowther

High Street