Letter - Concern at pub sale

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I WRITE to express my concerns at the proposal by Punch Tavern to sell the New Wheel public house in Wrenthorpe, which is a thriving and well-run local pub, to Tesco with the intention of turning the building into a Tesco Express – which would also mean the loss of the adjacent hairdressing business.

Apart from the obvious strains such a development would place on the village roads and other infrastructure, I am very worried that if this went ahead, not only would it destroy two existing local businesses, it would also threaten others – including our post office and general stores.

The questions are, does our village really need a Tesco?

And if it does, surely there is a better site? And of course, how many jobs would be created compared to those which could be lost?

I urge Punch Taverns to rethink, and that both they and Tesco engage in discussions with the Wrenthorpe community immediately.

Coun Betty Liles

Wrenthorpe &

Outwood West