Letter - Concerns in health care

WITH reference to your recent article on May 11, on the Mid-Yorks Trust using over a million pounds to get advice from private companies to further efficiency.

Why does the trust employ people in finance departments unable to identify solutions themselves?

To me this smacks of two things, an inadequate management system who are unable to recruit people sufficiently capable of doing their job (a management failure in itself also indicating their inefficiency) and a devil-may-care attitude out of touch with the real world (0.4per cent cost in terms of budget vs all those workers who will be soon out of work).

If management were to get off their backsides and get on to the shop floor I am sure ideas would abound.

We only have to look around at the incompetence of the PFI and the management who do not seem to know what a good deal is when they sign ridiculous contracts with companies unable to meet their contractual requirements.

I put these thoughts forward as a concerned health care worker.

Name and address supplied