Letter - Concerns in healthcare

IT is depressing to continually read letters critical of the Hepworth Gallery in the Wakefield Express.

What do the people of Wakefield want? Do we want to continue as a minor Yorkshire city continually looking backwards to the once admittedly great days of the West Riding and Sir Alec Clegg or do we want to move forward to challenge Leeds, Sheffield and Bradford as a city of national importance?

The opening of the Hepworth and the impact it has made nationally gives Wakefield the opportunity to exploit the legacy of our great artist to everyone’s benefit and to put Wakefield on the map not only of Yorkshire but of the country.

The building itself demands attention and has forced many of the London media gurus to come north and to see what Wakefield has to offer.

I do not think a reproduction of our splendid County Hall would have had such an effect.

Let us be thankful that we have some men of vision in the city who have seen this project through.

And let us enjoy the limelight for a change in the knowledge that there is not a gallery or building like the Hepworth in Leeds or Sheffield.

Peter Brookes

Headingley Mews