Letter - Confused over plans

Our struggle against housing development in our area took a strange twist today as amended planning application notices were posted in the Avenue. There is now a certain surreal atmosphere to this whole sorry process, and many residents are thoroughly confused and angered by the whole affair. Why?

Because as you may know that we are currently objecting to a second planning application for the same piece of land as the previous application, and now we learn that we have an extra 14 days to submit our further objections to the plan which apparently has been altered by the developer sufficiently to warrant amended planning notices to be posted. Normally the period of submitting objections is 21 days!

The deadline to object to the appeal for the first application has just expired, and shortly an inspector is about to call witnesses to testify to the soundness or otherwise of the council’s revised LDF proposals in which this land also figures much against the wishes of residents.

Confused? Bewildered? Annoyed?

Yes, especially as a telephone conversation this week with the WMDC’s planning team leader revealed they are determined to push this revised plan to committee on December 15, just six days after objections close.

Dr David Foster

Ruskin Avenue