Letter - Convert the M1 into a four-track rail line

The most obvious solution to all this controversy over the HS2 railway line does not seem to have occurred to anyone. Why not convert the M1 motorway to a four-track rail line?

As motorways take up considerably more load than rail, you could have two high speed lines, and two for freight?

A branch could be built to Birmingham, minimising the overall cost. Or convert the M6 motorway?

By 2033, or whenever HS2 is due for completion, our love affair with road transport will be well and truly over by force of circumstance.

Freight should, in the main, be back on rail where it belongs, instead of in dangerous lorries.

The use of cars on such a huge scale in a congested island will become prohibitive.

This would be a day of reckoning for the minister of transport, Ernest Marples, who opened the original stretch of the M1 and had a vested interest in destroying our rail network through the Beeching Plan.

A crazy idea? Maybe not as crazy as it first appears. A few people have suggested it. The basic structure is already there.

John Roberts

St John’s Court