Letter - Correct coal price views

I READ the letter in the Wakefield Express from David Downs “Paying for Scargill” dated December 16.

The letter states the obvious that Mr Downs was never affected by the miners’ strike and he probably slept through it.

Mr Downs is another annoying and irritating member of the public who is quick to blame the unions for a massive crisis that was caused by the then Conservative government.

Mr Downs cannot see that unions and their members only ever go out on strike as a last resort to stand up and fight for what is rightfully theirs, instead of being trampled over.

Mr Downs describes public sector workers as being intimidated by the few, well it is far from a few when you look at how many people went on strike in November. These workers do not accept or appreciate the country’s financial problems, but they are made to suffer for them, just like the miners did.

Arthur Scargill predicted that the price of coal which was bought from abroad after the pits closed, would become so expensive that this country would have to start to burn wood in power stations to produce fuel, and he was right about this.

As for David Downs being concerned about his children and grandchildren he is short-sighted as public sector workers will be going to the government for hand outs when they have no pension to live off, this will increase young people’s tax contributions to pay for an over-stretched welfare state.

Mr P Bostock

Lock Lane