Letter - Council must listen

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First of all, thank you for your excellent report and photograph of the ‘No Coxley Wind Turbines’ campaign published in last week’s Wakefield Express.

I whole heartedly agree with Kath Turner’s comment that we need green energy but that huge wind turbines dominating the beautiful landscape of Coxley Valley is not the right path to follow.

The proposed turbines would stand taller than Wakefield Cathedral’s Spire and the blades would have a span equivalent to the length of a 100-metre running track.

Coxley Valley is much valued for its tranquillity, wildlife, and visual beauty and is much used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders from a wide area.

I quote from Sitlington Parish Council’s own Parish Plan published following analysis of information collected via questionnaires from the public: “there is no doubt that the majority of people who replied to the questionnaire were anxious to maintain the rural nature of the area”.

I believe that Sitlington Parish Council was well intentioned when it initiated a Phase 1 study around three years ago but has been sadly lacking in understanding and interpretation of the findings of that study and the consequent need to consult the public before agreeing to move on to the next phase.

In their haste to raise much-needed funds for the Parish, the councillors overlooked the environmental findings of their own Parish Plan!

At the Parish Council meeting to be held at Middlestown School on Tuesday March 6 at 7pm, I hope a common sense decision will be made to reject a Phase 2 feasibility study costing in the region of £25,000 of public money.

This way, members of the parish council will earn the respect of parishioners for being a ‘listening’ council.

A willingness to work together and find alternative routes to green energy and fund raising, which the council has brought to our attention, would also become a priority for us all.

I love Coxley Valley. It has been my spiritual home for over 40 years.

As a former teacher at an Ossett primary school, I took my classes of 4/5 year old children many times to walk the length of the valley from Midgley to Horbury Bridge during the bluebell season.

It would break my heart to see this valley spoilt by the desecration wind turbines would bring - noise, shadow flicker, thousands of tons of concrete/stone for the bases and access road as well as the horrendous visual impact of the turbines.

On March 6th please come to the meeting or contact the Parish Council via the clerk at sitlingtonpc@googlemail.com or in writing to 4 Ingswell Drive, Notton WF4 2NF and say No to Coxley Valley Turbines.

Carol Aspinall

Danesleigh Drive