Letter - Council tax benefit scheme is nothing new

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REGARDING Coun Stokes’ statement that WMDC intends to introduce a new council tax benefit scheme, this is not a new concept.

If my memory serves me correctly, a similar scheme was put before the country many, many years ago with little success.

Coun Stokes claims that everyone in a household of working age would have to contribute, and that people would be encouraged to work.

Is he aware that youngsters leaving school at the age of 16 are not entitled to any benefits at all, unless the parents are on means-tested benefits?

These youngsters are the forgotten thousands who are shunned by industry and the commercial side of business, due to the fact that no-one is willing to insure them until aged 18.

How on earth are such individuals expected to contribute to the scheme when they have to be subsidised by their parents in the majority of cases?

Secondly, Coun Stokes admits that the introduction of the scheme would leave up to 19,000 benefits claimants worse off, but that it would also encourage people back into work.

May I state that to admit that people are going to suffer financially smacks of a defeatist policy. Regarding getting people back to work, what work?

Bob Crowther

High Street