Letter - Counting mayor cost

THE ongoing debate regarding the possible new position for an elected mayor appears to be causing great concern in various arenas, unfortunately many people do not realise that such a post will run as “an addition” to the present system not “instead of”.

This means by any reasonable guestimation an additional cost to the ratepayers of Wakefield of at least £250,000 per year, i.e. the mayor’s wages, expenses, car, office staff, political advisor/research staff, and office building/equipment, a sum of money that could well be better spent on the elderly and handicapped in our society.

The position could also lead to the big political parties parachuting some privileged up and coming person from London (just as we got with our MPs) into our region, who knows nothing about the Five Towns or its constituents, not even our employment needs.

One million pounds every four years is just too great a cost for additional bureaucracy. If people want change then do it through the usual election process, But, get the right candidates, stimulate debate, then vote for the best people for the job, it’s simple democracy! Let’s not go down the avenue of even more jobs for the friends of high ranking politicians.

If we need any new elected representatives in Wakefield let’s look at the hospital trust, police, ambulance, and fire service, after all no-one could do a worse job than those unelected incumbents at present in post, but I am afraid such democracy and public accountability for local people is just a step too far for the establishment to swallow.

Paul Dainton

Altofts Lodge Drive