Letter - Criticism was unjust

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AS an atheist and humanist I hold no brief for the cathedral. However I must say that I was dismayed at Mr Roberts’ totally unsympathetic reaction to its current plight regarding its renovation work. (‘Modesty in approach’ Wakefield Express, April 20).

Mr Roberts reprimands the cathedral authorities for their predicament. He charges them with undertaking too grandiose a project in view of the present economic climate. This is plainly unjust.

Your correspondent should lay the blame firmly where it belong- at the door of No 11. For it was the Chancellor who unfairly and retrospectively imposed a 20 per cent VAT levy on work already begun.

The Dean and Chapter had carefully costed and budgeted for the work. How were they to foresee that Mr Osborne would remove the zero rating on changes to listed buildings?

I fear that Mr Roberts’ concern for the pew removal has temporarily clouded his judgment as to basic justice and fairness.

I trust that those readers who do believe in elementary justice and fair play will sign the petition in protest against the morally questionable action of the Chancellor in forcing the cathedral to find an extra, crippling £200,000.

Christopher Pritchard

First Avenue

Newton Hill