Letter - Death toll could rise

I, LIKE many people, were shocked of the news about the loss of the six soldiers last week, when five of them from the 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, plus one from the 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, were killed when their warrior armoured vehicle was blown up by a massive improvised explosive device.

It was a sad day for all and especially the families of the soldiers.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families who have lost someone in the war.

It’s only last year when the 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment was adopted by Wakefield as it was granted the freedom of the city.

Hundreds of people were so proud of the soldiers in their smart uniforms and I was so thrilled with the parade.

It was a good day for Wakefield, the mayor and Coun Peter Box.

As I have stressed before I am against the war in Afghanistan and the more people I talk to say they should come home now.

On the Wakefield Express’ Facebook site Bethany Firth states they shouldn’t be out there, also Beccy Cooper said they should have been brought home years ago.

We will never ever beat the Taliban.

When I see the news on TV of our soldiers with Afghan children giving them sweets, then just a little way up the road others are burying hand-mines to kill our lads, to me this doesn’t make sense.

The Prime Minister has said in Parliament that our troops will leave Afghanistan in 2014.

We have already lost 404 lives and by the time 2014 comes around the number could rise or double – I hope not.

‘Bring him home he’s only a boy.’

John Wildie

Briar Grove, Sandal