Letter - Disappointed over negative Wakefield Market opinion

I WAS disappointed to see the letter from Chris New regarding Wakefield Market in the Wakefield Express on Friday (July 13). While Chris does raise some valid points around the design and delivery of the market, I believe he paints an unnecessarily negative view of the market and its traders.

As a council we do recognise that the move to the new market site has had a number of issues and we take responsibility for those. However we are working hard to make sure the market continues to play a key role in the city centre, both for local people and visitors to the area.

The market continues to attract thousands of customers each week and does play an important role in the city centre. The number of vacant units has fallen over the last 18 months and we are in the process of bringing in businesses to the shop units at the front of the market. We also have a thriving farmers market on the Cathedral Precinct to be proud of.

Given his markets background, Chris will no doubt be very much aware that the current economic climate has had a major impact on not just markets but indeed the wider retail sector. Despite this difficult climate the traders at Wakefield Market - and all of the markets in the district - are working hard to continue providing a service to local customers and visitors to Wakefield.

So come on Chris, let’s get behind Wakefield Market. I’d very much like to hear your ideas on how we can improve markets and particularly about how we can continue to help Wakefield Market move on from its initial troubles and provide the service local people deserve.

Coun David Dagger

Cabinet Member for

Culture, Sport & Libraries

Wakefield Council