Letter - Disgusted at meeting

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I WOULD just like to spread a little awareness to the people of Sitlington parish.

I’m sure that by now you are all aware of the wind turbine situation, I had the unfortunate experience of attending the parish council meeting on March 6 and have never felt so disgusted with a group of individuals as I did at that meeting.

The individuals I am referring to are actually the majority of parish councillors who attended the meeting. There is a petition with over 800 signatures to date, signed by parish residents who are against the wind turbines being brought into our beautiful valley, yet our councillors refused point blank to give any reassurance to the community at all and told them they would have to wait until April 3 when the councillors have made their mind up what will happen to our lovely countryside.

Never in my life have I felt such anger towards a group of selfish people has I do at the moment! The parish council needs to be reminded of its commitment to the parish plan which states it must defend the greenbelt and work with Wakefield MDC and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to maintain and defend the countryside, its wildlife, paths and bridleways.

If you have not done so already, and you share the views of many in your community, please sign the petition before it is too late because once these monsters are in our valley they will never leave.

Debbie Ingham

Old Road