Letter - Do we need new builds

I READ with great interest the letter from Peter Box (13/1/12). In it he defends his councils record on spending, regeneration and public consultation while pushing some blame towards the Tory goverment. At a time of cuts and hardship lets look at some spending.

Trinity Walk - did we need a second shopping centre while we are flanked by Meadowhall and the White Rose and despite the spin is killing trade in the Ridings and giving profits to national companies rather than local shops?

Hepworth - nice in theory but now the buzz has died does it pay for itself and when we have a train station two minutes away where people get attacked and raped was it a correct use of public money?

Wakefield Market - we had one, ok it needed a facelift but a town (or city) market is a key element of its character and building a new one while pushing out local traders that had been on the site for decades with massive rent and rate hikes plus the hire of expensive consultation groups when it fails is just stupid.

I’m 51, and Wakefield was a nice tidy middle size town when I was a kid with many local shops and firms and we more than held our own in exporting goods out of the area, yet now the place is like a building site with badly planned roadworks that at any given teatime bring Wakefield into a gridlock situation.

Public consultation? Ask the people of Wrenthorpe that are having green belt land built on without the impact considered or the folks of Wakefield that found they were earmarked for housing travellers in the area?

The sad fact is because of the historic “vote Labour because my mum and dad did” culture of Wakefield, a local party with such a bad record can stay in office forever.

Del Milburn

Bradford Road