Letter - Dropping litter costs cash

ONE of your readers (Letters, Litter needs to be halted) calls on people to take responsibility for keeping our streets clean and I could not agree more.

It is heartening to see that the council is being recognised for clearing up rubbish when it is reported but so frustrating when a mess re-appears within days.

The council is being forced to spend money on clearing up after irresponsible people who drop litter or dump rubbish when that money could be better used on services increasingly needed by the most vulnerable people in this district.

Don’t do it – don’t drop litter, don’t use the street as a toilet and don’t pile up old furniture on the pavement.

You wouldn’t like it outside your house or business so don’t do it to others. It is simple, common sense and respectful of other people.

If we all look after and love where we live and take pride in keep our district clean, the council and the police would be able to free up more time and money for essential services.

If you see people dropping litter or want to report rubbish please call the council on 0845 8 506 506 or the police on 101.

Coun Maureen Cummings

Wakefield Council’s

Cabinet member for the Environment and Communities