LETTER - Everyone should help

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A RECENT Pilgrim’s Progress column recalled the song used for the Band Aid campaign more than 30 years ago ‘Can’t go on pretending nothing’s wrong’.

When we are told that 30,000 children in Africa die every day from diseases that could be decimated by an injection costing just 10p.

As we dump the daily flood of daily begging appeals in the bin, or marvel at the generosity of an American billionaire and question whether or not our government should increase the contribution this country makes, perhaps we should ask what we should do.

Just 10p a week from each of the 300,000 population of Wakefield would raise almost £200,000 a year. This amount, if the rest of the country were to copy our example, would raise enough to vaccinate most of Africa.

I accept the knowledge that the affluent society (that includes us) consumes 80 per cent of the world’s resources then surely we can’t do nothing.

If we aren’t part of the solution, then we continue to be a large part of the problem. Please give at least a little regularly.

Brian Hazell

Oakenshaw Lane