LETTER - First hour free please

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I WAS surprised and dismayed to read in the Express that the council once again are trying to make money out of walkers at Pugneys.

As you are aware when they sought to put in the barrier a group did succeed in getting the first hour free.

There was a lot of support for this propoasal, as doctors recommended a walk round for elderly, recovering patients from operations, etc.

Since the barrier has been installed, at, I should think, at great expense, it has been in use hardly at all during the whole period, over 12 months.

It would appear to me that the council are seeking to recoup the loss of money incurred by the installation of the barrier, and seek to penalise the rest of us who enjoy the walk around each day.

I do not object to a pay and display machine at the park, as it is infinitely cheaper to run and operate than the failed barrier, but the first hour I think should still be free, as was agreed when charging was proposed.

Barbara Lloyd