Letter - Foaming at the mouth

HAVING read your readers letters page on the subject of elected mayors, I find myself foaming at the mouth. The letter from David Hinchcliffe and the misinformation being put out by a Labour Party, desperate not to be accountable to the public, are the final straw.

The suggestion that an elected mayor would demand a “fat cat” salary of £120k per annum, is a gross distortion of the truth (Labour election leaflet).

The Mayor of London only gets £143k and that is a significantly bigger job.

It is more likely that a Mayor of Wakefield would get in the region of £75k, but that can be offset against it no longer being necessary to continue to employ a chief executive, who at a current salary £184,410, doesn’t look great value for money. It may also be possible to dispense with other six-figure salary positions as well.

The objections coming from current and former elected politicians, is all to do with the fear of being held directly accountable.

An elected mayor would answer to the public directly. If he failed in his duties he would be given the boot and we wouldn’t have to pay them the £540k that Wakefield MDC paid our last chief executive, John Foster, to get rid of him.

Quite how anyone can suggest that asking the public to decide who leads the council can be less democratic than asking 32 Labour councillors, as has been suggested by some of your correspondents, is so ludicrously absurd that I can think of anything sensible to say in response.

Tony Homewood


Wakefield Conservative Association