Letter - Frank Bird manager says “Stay local!”

I HAVE read with interest over he past few months lots of letters, some positive, some negative about Wakefield city centre and feel compelled to add my view.

As a business that has been trading in the city centre for nearly 30 years, at Frank Bird Menswear we sell a luxury product and our business here has grown consistently year on year (yes, even during the recession!) - something we are very proud of!

Wakefield is facing the same issues as every other town in the country, the economic climate is difficult to say the least, and as a result we are seeing more and more businesses fail. However, despite the recession, the city has continued to grow and develop and we now have a fantastic mix of stores, from the likes of Debenhams and Next in Trinity Walk, to the smaller independent businesses such as Jam on Northgate, and Deli Central on The Bull Ring.

Because of this we are now better equipped than ever to attract our own ‘local’ customers who in the past would travel to the likes of Meadowhall and The White Rose shopping centres.

Yes, Wakefield is far from perfect, but far better to be in a developing town that is investing in its centre than one that is moving backwards. (as manager of a business with outlets in other towns across the UK, I feel more than qualified to make such a statement).

I firmly believe that Wakefield is on the up, and will once again become a shopping destination, but this will take time, and change is necessary to get there. In the meantime, I ask all Wakefield residents to stick with us, Wakefield has an attractive and varied mix of stores, restaurants and attractions - so please, ‘stay local!’

Finally, on a separate note, how lovely to read the comments about our business from Richard Kendall and Mark Ridgeway in the ‘Yorkshire People’ supplement, it is always nice to hear you are doing something right - but I would just like to clear one thing up, our store manager, John Walton isn’t retiring just yet - he will be around for another two years, keeping the men of Wakefield dressed as sharp as ever!

Neil Tennant

General Manager

Frank Bird Menswear & Boardwalk