Letter - Freebies for suppliers

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THROUGH the medium of the Express, as we have never seen Coun Box in Horbury or anywhere else other than quite often his photograph in the Express, I would wish to pose the question - which government introduced the winter fuel allowance?

And whoever did introduce it, didn’t they realise that by giving this money and any other “freebies” that the commodity suppliers would automically think we are going to have some of that?

Hence not only the power companies but the rest of the suppliers, food mainly, up their prices.

Robin Hood supposedly took from the rich to pay for the poor, but whilst ever the poor are given money, all the services will take it.

Attacking the power suppliers, and after all the huge profits the majority have been making over several years, would be like robbing a bank that has no money.

The regular invitations we get to try another cheaper supplier is like the two for the price of one supermarket gimmick and they still make astronomical profits.

Would these people cut staff if they were forced into a shortfall in profits?

Why can’t the powers that be ever see what everyone else can see and bring an end to the greed and envy, and replace them with fraternity, equality and legality?

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street