Letter - Further confusion over free parking

WELL done Wakefield, you have managed to shoot yourself in the foot again.

The hard-pressed motorists of Wakefield can now park for free, but only on certain Fridays, at certain locations, or they can park for free after 3pm in certain car parks, on certain days.

The rest of the time, guess what?

You will have to pay the full price for parking.

I bet the hard-pressed retailers of Wakefield are delighted! But not as delighted as the retailers at the White Rose Shopping Centre, where, surprise surprise, parking is free all the time!

As a shift worker I have to fit my xmas shopping in when I can. I don’t want to consult a timetable as and when I can park for free.

The best thing the council could have done is to say parking will be free every day in December, up to Christmas Day.

I, for one, will be shopping at a place were I know I can just turn up and not worry about getting a parking fine.

Thanks for nothing Wakefield Council.

Paul Wilkinson

Whinney Moor Avenue