Letter - Fuss over Hepworth

MY wife and I decided to visit the Hepworth and see what our money had been spent on and what the fuss was about.

We paid our £4.50, crossed the bridge and were greeted inside by a pleasant young lady who gave us a leaflet: that was almost as good as it got.

I took a photograph through a large window looking out towards Emley Moor and was approached by a well-mannered guide who told me that photography was only allowed in certain galleries due to copyright restrictions. It seems to me that when huge amounts of public money have been spent on this project to limit photography is wrong.

Evidently not all the exhibits are owned by the gallery and this is why restrictions are in place. Not all the exhibits at the YSP are owned by the YSP and there is no restriction on photography there in the outdoor spaces.

The inside of the building is far better than the outside which to us looked like an old cement works in spite of the landscape. The contents of the gallery do not justify the expense – the best things to look at are the views through the windows and over the weir. My favourite work of art was the figure hanging in the boatyard.

All in all a very disappointing experience and I am sure that the exhibits could have been housed in an old mill at a fraction of the cost.

David Pimblett

Wakefield Road